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What do we all have in common with all other living things, the Earth, and even most non-living things?


Water is everywhere, in everyone, and we and all life depend entirely on it. Our Earth is truly a water planet and water is the most spiritual, mystical, and still mysterious yet most ubiquitous element.

Go to your nearest faucet and collect some water in your cupped hands. Look into the dancing reflections in your palm and feel the droplets trickling through your fingers. The water you are holding is millions (perhaps even billions) of years old, and potentially of interstellar origins.

It has existed on this earth in various forms, in various places, for ages before you arrived here, and it will still be here ages after you have left. Water, like any other matter, cannot be destroyed and does not simply vanish once it goes down your drain. It flows and cycles, it evaporates and rains back down, we drink it in, pee it out, sweat it out, cry it out. It connects us to the earth and to each other.

We even came from the sea and evolved to live on dry land, yet we cannot do so without carrying around a supply of saltwater inside us. To be precise, adults are composed of about 50-65%  water and need about 1500 mg of sodium a day. This is our main inherent connection to nature and to the Goddess, the womb from whence we came which, too, by its very nature, is sacred and magical.

This is the purpose of the Oracle of Water, to dive in and share, learn, teach, honor and worship water in her myriad forms and facets and unveil how it is truly the most spiritual and supernal source.

Words, like water, can have hidden effects that trickle and form shapes slowly over time, or they can burst forth unexpectedly like a deluge; they can heal and nourish or they can poison and destroy. What we say has power, and the intentions and energy of our words can manifest, for good or ill.

We are all oracles, we all have the potential to hear and also share the truth of the divine, of the messages of water and all Nature.

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Starhawk says in her book The Earth Path (2004 HarperCollins),

“Meditating by a lake one day, I heard the water say to me, All water is one – one wholeness, one awareness. All water is continuously aware of all other water in the world.” We humans are likewise connected. We can learn from each other and we can learn from water, that most magical of elements, that vital and life-giving (or life-taking) substance. Many of the earliest deities were those of the oceans, the rivers, the rain – all that sustains our bodies, our crops, our animals, our home.

Starhawk continues, “…water knows. Water spirits, water Goddesses and Gods, however we want to name that intelligence that is so different from ours – something knows and feels when we approach with love and respect.

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Circe Invidiosa (detail) by John William Waterhouse 1892


header image: “Miranda — the Tempest” by John William Waterhouse 1916

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