The Sea Inside Me

I am in the womb of the Goddess
and She is in mine.
I am in the heart of the Mother
and She is in mine.

I am the Ocean wide
Heaving beneath the silver Moon.
The primal waters ever flow,
I breathe them in and out
as the Tide.

Are my tears not the salt of the Sea?
She feels the grief in me
She feels the Sea inside me
Her blood is my blood
Ever it flows
Ever she guides me.

There is a Sea inside me
Heaving beneath a silver Moon.
Forever am I in that womb
of healing, enchanting light.
Forever do these waves shimmer
Like ancient stars in endless night.

AN water plant graphic

© 2017 Meredith Everwhite

Featured image: Nude on the Beach (detail) by John William Godward 1922

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sway says:

    Absolutely beautiful! My heart swelled as I read this. You are very gifted!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aethiriel says:

      Thank you so much, means a lot to have something so personal appreciated! ❤


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