A Rainy, Moony Monday

As if it weren’t a perfect stroke of synchronicity that it began to rain within a couple hours of yesterday’s post, “In Praise of Rainy Days”, today it continues and proves to be my favorite type of day – a grey, rainy Monday (literally, “Moon day”) with a waxing Moon in a water sign (Scorpio today, to be precise).

Additionally, the Sun is at 15° (the midpoint) of Gemini and the Moon is in opposition to Venus, who is just about to move out of Aries and into her home of Taurus, all of which makes this a day of layers upon layers of emotions and energies.

A day that is this watery and emotional is a perfect setting for an array of effective meditative, magical and creative workings. Here are some associations and ideas to help inspire you to make the most of the day’s energies.

Albert_Aublet_-_Selene crop
“Selene” (detail) by Albert Aublet

Trees: Just recently blooming are my very favorite flowering trees – Albizia julibrissin or, as it is more commonly known, the mimosa tree. There are several of them among the array of trees that surround our home and the small lake we live by, and it is such a treat to walk the lake trail and see them all bursting with their pink, silky, faery-like flowers.


Energetically, the mimosa tree is similar to willow; it is considered feminine and is correspondent to water, dreams (its Persian name translates to “night sleeper”) and prophecy.

However, it is associated with Saturn, not the Moon, hence its protective and spell-breaking qualities. It is commonly known as the “happiness herb” in Chinese medicine, where it is valued as a remedy for anxiety, depression and stress. This particular quality of the tree is obvious even in its appearance, and it indeed makes me happy just to look at them.

Having just come out of a month filled with chaotic and instable energies, some of which are likely to continue to a degree, this is an ideal time to invite the calming, comforting energy of the mimosa into your life. Visualize it in meditations and/or during tree pose if you do yoga, or visit any mimosa trees that might be in your area and feel their soft, whimsical flowers on your skin.

A warm bath with a few drops of mimosa oil (usually made from Albizia’s relative, Acacia dealbata) is a great way to end a busy day, soothe your spirits and prepare for magical, dream-filled sleep. Tucking the flower under your pillow is also believe to aid in peaceful and prophetic dreaming.

mimosa edit1
photo by Aethiriel

Other trees associated with watery, feminine and/or lunar qualities include willow, apple, elder and birch.

Chakras: The day’s energy could be drawn on to dampen and balance over-active root and/or sacral chakras, to open and comfort the heart chakra, to balance and heal the throat chakra, and to stimulate and open the third eye chakra. The cool, watery greens, blues and violets associated with the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras (not to mention the functions of dreams, visions and divination) make them especially appropriate to work with on an extra-watery Monday.


Foods: Pasta, eggs, cheese, milk, tea (nearly any drink or juice), lettuce, cucumbers, broccoli, mushrooms (mostly Earth but also Water/psychic & lunar associations), avocados, apples, fish & shellfish, watermelon, raspberries, passionfruit, papayas, peach, soups, cardamom

Herbs/incense/oil: chamomile, willow (black or white), myrrh, rose, geranium, heather, poppy, violet, catnip, mugwort, wormwood

Deities: Diana, Artemis, Luna, Selene, Mani, Hecate, Arianrhod, Chandra, Yemaya, Aset/Est (Isis), Aser (Osiris), Thoth, Igaluk

moonflower crop

Moony tunes:











Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by Scott Cunningham
Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen by Scott Cunningham

original material © 2017 M. Everwhite – All Rights Reserved

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