The Doom of the Dolphin

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“It sounds like dynamite detonating every few seconds, day in and day out. Deafening blasts of sound travel through the ocean and ricochet off the seafloor. The returning echoes contain clues if the area could hold promise for offshore drilling. These ear-splitting detonations are called seismic airgun blasts, and they might be roaring across the East Coast as early as this summer.” – Allison Guy, “8 Things you Need to Know About the Trump Administrations Plan to Greenlight Oil Exploration off the East Coast” blog

Since I published the post in honor of World Dolphin Day, The Dream of the Dolphin, I have been researching and working on a new piece about dolphins as power animals and their roles in spirituality and mythology.

However, right now I am compelled to first discuss dolphins and other cetaceans in a much more physical and pressing sense – that is, the very dire situation in which they and many other marine creatures and the sea itself are now facing because of the Trump administration and the corrupt efforts to begin destructive blasting and drilling in the Atlantic and, eventually, all oceans.

It is not only marine life that will suffer. We, the human race, are technically under the exact same threats as our precious oceans. What happens to the ocean happens to us. It is the womb of the earth, and the cleanser, the nourisher, the balancer, the restorer…and we have treated it like an unkempt toilet and worse.

Already, at least one cetacean (it is believed) has gone extinct in our lifetime – the Baiji or Yangtze river dolphin. The tiny rare vaquita porpoise of Mexico’s Sea of Cortez is likely to be the next to die out, with fewer than thirty remaining and the rampant totoaba fish poaching that is responsible for their endangerment.

Many other creatures, both on land and in the sea, have gone extinct in just the past several decades, and all thanks to mankind’s  insistent, mindless raping of our mother, Earth. (I say “mankind” most intentionally, as it has literally been the wills of the corrupt men who have been controlling most of the world for so long that we find ourselves in these deplorable conditions.)

If this ridiculous seismic airgun blasting is allowed to happen, not only will over 138,000 marine mammals be injured (by the government’s own calculations!) or worse, but countless other creatures, habitats, coastlines and coastal communities, fisheries, resources, businesses and tourist attractions will be severely damaged as well. None of the guaranteed repercussions are remotely worth the teeny bit of foul, unneeded oil that all this destruction and death will yield.

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Please follow the links below to find out what you need to know about the horrific and unacceptable plans that our so-called government has to destroy what we so desperately need for survival – a clean and healthy ocean.

Click to access oceana_seismic_airgun_testing_infographic_pdf.pdf

Please also follow the link below to the Federal Register to officially add your voice while there is still time to do so before the final decision to grant powers of obliteration to seismic survey companies is made.

© 2017 M. Everwhite – All Rights Reserved

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