Overnight Islands and Invading Sea Pickles

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The Sun is currently in the watery sign of Cancer, the Crab (along with Mars and Mercury), and it’s no coincidence that the seas are literally churning with the current events and climate of our world that grows ever-threatening against the deep realms.

In the past couple of weeks, shortly before and shortly after the Sun entered Cancer and the New Moon in Cancer, odd things have been happening in oceans across the Western hemisphere.

Last Tuesday, a brand-new, mile-long island appeared off of North Carolina’s Cape Hatteras National Seashore almost overnight. It was spotted by local beachgoers and was given the name “Shelly Island” as it is apparently a great place to find seashells.

Strangely enough, my husband and I were just camping at the Hatteras seashore last month, where we looked for shells and where I did a brief ocean blessing ritual with spring water and moonstone pebbles. “You summoned it from the sea!” my husband joked when I told him about the new island which appeared very near to where we were.

(read the full story here)

Earlier in June, on the other side of the country, staggering blooms of pyrosomes (nicknamed “sea pickles”, due to their shape) began invading shores from California to Alaska. So immense were the swarms that fisherman couldn’t even fish for the hordes of pyrosomes that were filling and even breaking their nets.

Image courtesy of NOAA

“Pyrosomes are common in the tropics, where they can reach a length of 30 feet and often glow in the dark. That likely explains their name, which in Greek translates to “fire body.” According to Fisher, they do show up in the ocean off the Northwest from time to time – but never in these numbers.

“Why they’re here now is unknown at this point,” Fisher said. “We’ve had warm ocean conditions over the past couple years, and something has brought them here. They’re just flourishing. It’s just very unusual to find them so close to shore, so evenly distributed, and so abundant.”  – from “Massive Bloom Of Pickle-Shaped Sea Creatures Fills The Pacific“, kuow.org

Mars is ruled by the element of fire, and represents aggression and action. I find it very interesting, to say the least, that it is while Mars is in the sign of Cancer (water, the ocean) that these little creatures called “fire bodies” are invading waters that are technically alien to them and even preventing fishing. Is the ocean trying to tell us something, perhaps? And the heavens, too?

Mercury, concerned with communication and learning, is also in Cancer, and in addition to the research being done on the infesting pyrosomes, paleontologists have recently discovered and classified a massive marine extinction that occurred around 2.6 million years ago.

“Particularly impacted were warm-blooded animals, suggesting that large, homeothermic species could be more vulnerable to extinction when major changes occur in their environments.” – Jen Viega (read the full article from seeker.com here)

Mankind is responsible for massive changes in climate and habitats across the globe, and is only threatening to make matters worse with the proposed seismic airgun blasting that will surely injure and kill over 100,000 marine mammals and other creatures and environments. It is very likely that this will herald the beginning of the next mass extinction, and yet only more extinctions caused directly by human atrocity.

See last post, “The Doom of the Dolphin”,  for information on the horrible practice of seismic blasting and how to add your opposing voice while there is still time. (Public opinions are being collected only until July 6!)

Hopefully Mercury’s enlightening and educating influence will continue in regards to the oceans and what we need to learn and do to save them and to restore our symbiotic relationship with our source. It is the only way we will save ourselves.

I believe that more and more such strange events, appearances and discoveries will occur, particularly if we continue to abuse nature and the oceans as we have been. Keep an eye on the heavens and the seas, for As Above, So Below.

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Just happened to find this song/video, recommended for me on Youtube, right after publishing this piece…strangely appropriate and well-timed, don’t you think? Had to share here, reflect on the dwindling beauty of the sea, the magic of synchronicity and bask in Estas Tonne’s ethereal guitar music….


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