September Full Moon Oracle: Pisces

pisces-1907 Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis
“Pisces” by Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis, 1907

Early tomorrow morning (EDT) is a full moon in Pisces, the Fishes and last sign of the zodiac. The moon being full at the end of its journey through the signs – and the day after the solar eclipse-charged Mercury mercifully goes direct, no less – makes this a very appropriate and auspicious time for healing, ending, renewing, manifesting and creating.

Amazingly, Mercury stationed at 29° of Leo, the same degree of the total solar eclipse. While the Sabian Symbol of 29-30° Leo is “An Unsealed Letter” (which is, of course, significant and suggests some revelation and/or knowledge/communication involving or coming from secrecy and subtlety, more aspects connected to Pisces) it is the prior degree’s symbol, 28° that I find especially relevant during this time. The Symbol of that degree is…

A Mermaid emerges from the ocean waves, ready for rebirth in human form

mermaid graphic crop1

This symbol and its imagery are perfectly reinforced by this beautiful, watery full moon.

Spirituality, dreaming and psychic endeavors are also enhanced and favored by Pisces, which is ruled by watery Neptune. Neptune is the ethereal planet of illusions, dreams, mystery, and higher planes of consciousness.

The Moon is also reflective of these ideas, as Joanna Martine Woolfolk points out in “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need”,

Pisces and the Moon have a natural affinity; Pisces is the sign of depths of emotion, and the Moon represents your instinctive emotional reactions and sometimes your hidden dreams.”

For those with their Moon in Pisces, or during times when the Moon is transiting Pisces (as it is now), sometimes it can be difficult to distinguish fantasy from reality and truth from illusion.

In the Tarot, I believe the Seven of Cups to perfectly represent the energy of Pisces and especially a Moon in Pisces. We all have psychic abilities and intuition, and some of us have more natural, inherent inclinations while others can develop such abilities through work, practice and, yes, faith. What we believe about ourselves is the beginning of manifestation and growth…or destruction.

Tarot Mucha


And here is the dichotomy and danger of Pisces and a Pisces moon as depicted in the Seven of Cups; while it can be beneficial – nay, crucial – to our truest spiritual, emotional and mental health to have imagination and intuition, the shadows of these abstracts are probably among the darkest. These shadows include illusion, delusion, madness, deception, drug and alcohol addictions (among others), hypochondria and a refusal to either recognize or accept what is real or true. Any child knows the value of imagination, but there can always be too much of a good thing and one can be blinded and confused by desires and flights of fancy.

But enough of the dangers and difficulties. This is a powerful, magical time and a great one to develop your intuition, renew yourself and to move on from any painful trials or arduous cycles.

Over the past few days I have been more consistent with my “Tarot Card of the Day” reading and have had very interesting results. For instance, three times in less than a week the Ace of Cups was the card I pulled. Hardly surprising, in the week leading up to such a watery Full Moon! Then yesterday, the day before Mercury went direct, the equally appropriate Six of Swords came up.

The Ace of Cups – This is, unsurprisingly, one of my favorite cards in the Tarot. The Aces represent beginnings and the very essence of their corresponding element. The Ace of Cups symbolizes the metaphysical themes of Water – emotion, empathy, intuition, love, spirituality, inspiration and creativity (the latter two shared, it is worth noting, with the Ace of Wands. Water and Fire are probably more intrinsically connected than any two elements, as made evident by the number of cultures that have considered fire and water to be the primary elements of creation).

left: Tarot Mucha, right: Shadowscapes Tarot

The Six of Swords – In the Tarot, the Sixes are all about harmony and balance in some form or another. The Swords’ main themes of conflict and strife are illustrated here through the recovery from such states, and from states of depression and despondence. Movement, change and travel are also indicated, not only the literal but (perhaps more so) change in beliefs, frame of mind or emotional/mental state, and “moving on” to better things or times.

left: Shadowscapes Tarot, right: the Radiant Rider-Waite(-Smith)

Coming out of a very “typical” and intense Mercury retrograde (for me and several other people and businesses around me, anyway) feels very much like the Six of Swords, and the repetition of the hopeful Ace of Cups coming up to a Pisces full moon suggests that healing, recovery, and deep connection are possible.

Dream work is an especially powerful tool right now. It can be supplemented with water-themed meditations (try listening to rain, ocean or whale sounds), crystals related to Pisces and the Moon (amethyst, aquamarine, and moonstone) and relaxing, dreamy herbs like lavender, a personal favorite. Use the flowers to make a wonderfully soothing tisane to have before bed, or dab some essential oil on your wrists and temples, or both! For a third use of lavender that I just tried a couple of nights ago with good results, try making this dream charm…


Take a small mesh bag in a watery or otherwise pleasing color and pour in a handful of lavender flowers, organic if you can manage it. Also drop in one or more of the aforementioned stones – I use a small amethyst chunk and, for added goddess energy, thirteen moonstone pebbles. Thirteen is a powerful number associated with the goddess, magic, renewal and “luck”. These are the little additions to spells that lend extra power and intention, not to mention your own personal touch which is what really makes any spell.

Take the filled bag and hold it in the moonlight. The moon’s energy is always present, especially during powerful times like when it is full, so if you can’t really access actual moonlight, don’t worry. Simply visualize it and/or use a picture, like The Moon from a Tarot deck. Meditate there for a moment, slowing your breathing and focusing on your specific needs, and then whisper your incantation or borrow this one to start…

Waxing Moon, waxing light,
reach me through shadows
of mystic night.
Let moonbeams fill my dreams.
Show me what is
and what is not as it seems…

Once you are comfortable in bed, perhaps with gentle music playing, breathe in the lavender scent a few times as you wind down and relax. Place the dream charm under your pillow while you sleep and write down anything you remember when you wake in the morning, paying particular attention to anything that stands out or any relevant symbols.

To conclude this month’s Full Moon Oracle, I did one final reading to sum up the overall energy of this Moon. Interestingly, I did it shortly after I finished writing everything above and well after I mentioned the connection and shared themes of the Aces of Water and Fire…

This is a two-card spread of my devising that I call the “Light and Dark of the Moon” spread. The first card represents the main, outward energy of this full moon, or What the Full Moon Light Reveals. The second card shows what is less obvious and hidden but still present, or What the Shadows Cast Conceal, meaning what is in the shadows created by the moon’s light. That card came from the bottom of the cut deck, known to some Tarot readers as the “shadow card” – the card that represents anything hidden or unknown but relevant to the reading.

So here we have not only two Fours, but the Four of Wands and of Cups – Fire and Water.

According to Juliet Sharman-Burke in “The Complete Book of Tarot” (which, for the record, is a very handy resource for beginners and a good reminder reference, but is somewhat dated and far from complete),

The number four makes up a square, with each side equal. It is the number of reality, logic and reason. The essence of man’s three-fold nature – mind, body and spirit, is brought to the material plane, forming a square.”

The Four of Wands represents celebration, success, freedom, excitement and optimism. And again, like with the Six (of Swords), we have a number that is even and balanced and therefore also related to the themes of harmony and renewal. I feel like this card also conveys the feelings of, again, emerging from a very rattling and stressful Mercury retrograde! These are also the feelings you have when you know your true self and are doing what you love.

The Four of Cups, however, does seem to take a very different tack, but is still related to reality and balance. More to the point, it is about choice. This is one of the similarities I see between this card and the Seven of Cups, where the figure in the card is also confronted with a choice.

In the Seven of Cups, choices, fantasies and desires that may or may not even be real threaten to spiral out of control; in the Four of Cups it seems to be a choice or situation more grounded in reality but one that can still leave you lost in thought, indecision or rumination.It is also about introspection, meditation and reflection, and can warn of the hazards of getting consumed by such states.

In fact, this card could represent something specific that you can’t stop worrying or brooding over, and is probably the very thing which the Six of Swords is about getting past and recovering from. You’re entitled to the joy of the Four of Wands! Let yourself have it.

So during this Full Moon, focus on renewal and balance and developing your intuitive abilities. Let go of old hurts and let yourself move confidently into a new cycle. Reflect on what inspires you and let your imagination and creativity be free, but stay grounded and realistic (after all, the Sun is shining in Earthy, practical Virgo!) or you could find yourself drowning in over-stimulation, in “what-ifs”, pity-parties and blame games and you could miss out on all the beauty, inspiration, and magic that is always all around.

AN watery design page, crop1

© 2017 M. Everwhite – All Rights Reserved

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