Water Oracle for March 2019

The element of Water has much to say for the month of March, which is very appropriate for what is mainly the month of Pisces! In fact, on the 6th we will experience a New Moon which is dominated by watery, dreamy, Piscean energy. Not only will the Sun and Moon be conjunct at 15° Pisces, but Vesta will conjunct the ruler of Pisces, Neptune, at 16°.

Vesta is the goddess of the hearth, home and the eternal flame, and on this New Moon she illuminates, inspires and balances the energies of her brother, Neptune. This partnership of fire and water echoes that of the Sun and Moon and reiterates the need for polarity, duality, conflict and the harmony needed between them all.

Pisces is symbolized by two fishes tied together but swimming in opposite directions. Especially in this digital, superficial and Earth-abusing age and society, many of us may well feel extremely conflicted and confused in multiple ways as we try to balance our inner lives, truths and dreams with the demands and appearances of the outside world and other people.

The Zodiac – Pisces by Erte

Constructs like social media have made it terrifyingly easy for people to fabricate entire lives and personalities and, more terrifying still, many begin to believe in their own pseudo-realities to the point that it is impossible for them to be genuine. Such conditions are typical of a very shadowy Piscean influence, as Pisces and Neptune blur the lines between intuition and mysticism, and downright illusion and manipulation.

Humans are in more desperate need than ever to be in touch with their intuition, to trust and listen to themselves and to develop a real spirituality and connection to the Earth. This is the main message of Water this month – listen.

We need to listen to ourselves and to the true reality of nature that is all around us and has been greatly suffering at a frightening rate ever since the fateful Industrial Revolution. Stopping, slowing down, being still and just listening are the first steps to achieving the necessary balance as we move forward through the rest of the year.

The ices of winter are melting more and more and Water is flowing, falling and surging in purifying rains and cascading rivers. February is the month of purification and a rainy February foretells a pleasant and fruitful summer. But, even moving through March and towards the Full Moon on the Spring Equinox, we must purify ourselves and know how to navigate the river after the ice has melted and new directions may be taken.

A river follows its course carved into the earth but over time that river – its banks, its depths, its inhabitants, its pace – slowly shifts, adapts and evolves. We can’t grow or change if we stand still. Especially if we are only standing in illusions.

This is a mutable time, a time of changeability, flexibility and adaptability. We can and must choose to change and hopefully for the better, because change is inevitable and if we don’t at least try to make the right choices, they will be made for us. This was part of the messages of Water for last Samhain, but at that time we were asked to let go of the pains and struggles imposed on us by others and let ourselves drift and trust the divine.

Now it is time for us to take control, to let go of limitations, falsehoods and pains we have imposed on ourselves, to make new choices and to follow our own unique course, this time trusting ourselves.

Any time when one season changes into another, change of all kinds is guaranteed. So is opportunity. This is a powerful in-between time and it has the potential to set the tone for the rest of the year.

Water encourages us to emerge from the snows and ice of winter, to shake ourselves off and to let go of what no longer serves or nurtures us. She asks us to listen to the waters flowing inside us, to be true to ourselves and to throw away pretensions, affectations, and our outdated views and versions of ourselves.

This is also an ideal time to reclaim any power or confidence that was taken from us in past months and that may have left us feeling hopeless and aimless by Samhain last year.

We have allies in Nature – plants, trees, animals, crystals, and of course all forms and bodies of water that hold and remember all the thoughts, feelings and energies of everyone. These natural allies are our tribe as much as our human family, both of blood and family by choice. It is because water retains and carries all memory and feeling that she has so much to say, and why we need to listen.

We are composed of about 65% water as grown adults, and the water in us is aware of any water around us and we can tap into this element both within and without to learn the wisdom that has existed and nourished humanity for eons.

We all have a divine and ancestral inheritance of wisdom, magic, purity and truth but it affords us nothing if we ignore and bury it in the pursuit of possessions, attention and pleasure. We can’t hear the whispers of Spirit and of Nature, or of our hearts, if we are surrounded by people and energies that are toxic or false and that create illusions.

Life is not a role-playing game! This Earthwalk is real and it’s time for everyone to stop being afraid to be real. This month we need to listen, choose what to hold on to and what to let go of, and where to aim ourselves. Enough of winter…Spring is Coming!

© 2019 Meredith Everwhite – All Rights Reserved

Featured image: from “Undine” by Arthur Rackham

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