2019 Taurus New Moon Oracle

This month’s new moon occurs at 14° of Taurus on May 4th,2019 at 6:45 p.m. EDT. Spring is in full swing and it is during the sign of Taurus, the Bull, that we experience the season at its height. Taurus is one of three Earth signs, and one of four fixed signs. “Fixed” is a modality shared between Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. This firm, stable – often to the point of being stubborn and immovable – modal energy is key to this earthy new moon’s oracle of water, as is the complexity of the sign of the Bull.

Taurus, as an Earth sign ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, is considered to be a feminine sign. This is entirely true. Earth and Water are the feminine elements, and the Empress card of the Tarot is a wonderful depiction of the energy of Taurus – physical, grounded abundance, beauty, fecundity, pleasure and wealth. But there is no getting away from the decidedly masculine side of Taurus – the very male, virile, horned Bull itself.

While the Moon and Sun are together at the same degree during a new moon, it is the masculine energy and light of the Sun that obscures the Moon entirely. However the two luminaries join forces to place both the masculine and feminine emphasis in any given sign.

The Taurus New Moon oracle of water asks us to consider both sides of Taurus – the male and the female – and to acknowledge that we all posses both masculine and feminine elements. There is a gender binary, there is a polarity and a partnership, and no one is outside of this natural state.

It is only when we honor all parts of ourselves and all the natural energies and elements we possess (both biologically and esoterically) that we can be whole unto ourselves. This knowledge and balance allows us to stand with the firm, resolute footing of the mighty bull who knows who and what he is and is supremely comfortable within his own sacred body and temple. The bull is known for being a fierce and charging creature, but also a very gentle and slow-moving one.

Taureau dans les Alps (Bull in the Alps)by Eugene Burnand 1884

But this spring bunny burrow goes much deeper. This new moon is about knowledge, physicality, challenging the self and one’s limits, calculated risks and awe for both what we can and cannot perceive or understand in the power of nature. It is also about discipline, control and resolve in the pursuit of our desires. Where Aries’ key expression is “I Am”, and Libra’s is “I Balance”, Taurus’ is “I Have”. Taurus is about attainment, primarily physical and temporal.

This past full moon’s water oracle came through the half-Nereid Penelope and her struggle with the invasive suitors. Amazingly enough, her message is immediately followed on this new moon by the ordeal of her husband…

Ulysses and the Sirens

Ulysses is the Latin name for Odysseus, the Greek hero of Homer’s epic poems, the Iliad and the Odyssey. Odysseus himself could not be a more complex figure, especially when we consider the differences between Greek and Roman attitudes about his character. To the Greeks, who owed their victory at Troy to him and his cunning device of the Trojan Horse, Odysseus was an admirable master strategist. To the Romans, however, who claimed descent from the Trojan survivor Aeneas, he was a conniving bastard who offended their rigid codes of duty and honor. In Virgil’s Aeneid, he is described as “false Ulysses”, and one who employed “fallacious arts”.

In the episode of the Odyssey in which he encountered the deadly sirens, Odysseus reveals a singular desire for an experience and knowledge that no other man had – to hear the song of the sirens and live to tell the tale. This is a fascinating contrast to the full moon’s message from his wife Penelope, who used all her own wits and cunning to prevent the fall of his estate, and indeed of her own honor and autonomy, at the hands of the insatiable suitors who presumed the Ithacan king to be dead. However, the warning there was not to continue giving so much of oneself where naught is really being offered in return.

Odysseus certainly believed that an immeasurable reward was to be had in return for his daring efforts.

The sirens are an interesting mirror image of the suitors – they are tempting, powerful and persistent. But while Penelope resisted the suitors and did not desire any of them to replace her wayfaring husband, Odysseus very intentionally and recklessly sought out the sirens and the knowledge of their enlightening and prophetic songs. This was done at ultimate risk to both himself and his men.

If anyone heard the beguiling songs of the beautiful sirens, he would be utterly at their mercy, out of control and out of his mind with desire, and would be killed by them. At the advice of the witch-goddess Circe (one of his paramours during his sojourn home to his famously faithful wife) Odysseus ordered his men to stop their ears with beeswax and bind him to the ship’s mast as they sailed past the sirens’ island. Under no circumstances, no matter how much he begged and thrashed against the bonds, were they to release him. In this way, he would be able to hear their song without throwing himself into the water to be with them, or rather to be annihilated by them.

Ulysses and the Sirens by John William Waterhouse 1891

He was literally fixed – aptly representing the modality of the sign of Taurus and his own incredible resolve and determination – to the mast of his ship which bore him across raging seas of emotion, temptation, seduction, mystery and magic. The waters of the sea and our hearts and psyches, the new moon of equally masculine/feminine Taurus asks us,

What do you truly value and desire and how far will you go to get it?

And, perhaps more importantly, is it worth the risk?

Odysseus’ experience with the sirens could not have been a more physical, visceral, elemental and incredibly straining and dangerous one. Imagine the adrenaline, the desire, and the utter exhilaration of being the only person ever known to hear the supernatural song of the oracular sirens and to carry that memory and knowledge for years to come, rather than for mere moments before succumbing to a violent death.

The past Libra full moon oracle showed us where we might have imbalances and energy leaks and asked us to question any relationships that might not be worthy of our efforts. This new moon message puts everything on and in us, our own bodies, our own desires for ourselves and what we do for and with ourselves. There is pleasure and there is fulfillment. Which do you seek? Pleasure is almost invariably temporary. Fulfillment is not only long-term but can also bring it’s own kind of sustainable, meaningful pleasure. To seek pleasure alone is folly, and eventually can become destructive. To seek that which edifies, enlightens and fulfills is a path that requires risk and sacrifice but promises true rewards and reveals what you are truly made of.

Photo by Meredith Everwhite 2019 – All Rights Reserved

A note about the oracle readings and rituals: I couldn’t have been more surprised and fascinated by “Ulysses and the Sirens” coming up for this new moon right after “Penelope and the Suitors”, and it is because of this that I wanted to share the method I have been using for these readings, which is clearly on a good track! I use the unique and highly intuitive and flexible Waterhouse Oracle deck created by Seven Stars, a Tarot reader and designer. From the 75 available cards in the deck, I have created a very elemental and archetypal 44-card deck, with an obvious emphasis on water and anything related. I generally try to wait until the Moon is in the sign in which it will be full or new, though sometimes I do the reading a little bit earlier if I need more time to write and publish it before the actual lunation occurs.

 I don’t ever “cheat” or peak at the cards or look through and deliberately choose one I think is fitting. They are always all laid out face down and chosen intuitively and/or with the help of a pendulum. I always have a bowl of water – usually salted to represent the sea whose tides are affected by the moon – on the table as it is the element of water and all it represents that I channel, and I also use other energetic/elemental enhancements that are relative to whatever lunation I’m doing the reading for, in this case a very powerful smoky Isis quartz, for Earth and Taurus.

The pendulum was especially energetic and clear this time about which card to choose. I begin by holding the pendulum in the center of the line of all 44 cards and have programmed it to rotate clockwise if I should head to the right to find the card which contains the current message, or counterclockwise if the card is on the left side. I slowly go whichever direction it indicates and wait for it to move again when it is over the correct card. I currently use a curiously powerful snakeskin jasper pendulum which pulled me right in and called very clearly to me at an annual gem & mineral show last month. I had no intention or thought of buying a new pendulum yet the second I saw it, I knew it was for me. It has been very effective so far!

© 2019 Meredith Everwhite – All Rights Reserved

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