2019 Scorpio Full Moon Oracle

Rarely is transformation an easy process, though it may be swift. Rarely is it painless or, at times, even desired, though it always proves to be exactly what was needed. Often the reasons for certain changes and upheavals remain a mystery to us, but what we become and experience as a result has its own tales to tell.

Watery Scorpio is the sign of both transformation and of mysteries. Expect great changes to either be initiated, progressed or concluded with this intense full moon, as well as secrets, mysteries and lessons to be revealed and learned.

This month’s full moon occurs on May 18th, 2019, 5:11 p.m. EDT, at 27° Scorpio, the fixed water sign co-ruled by Pluto and Mars – the gods of the Underworld and of War, respectively. Heavy powers indeed! This full moon leads us through and hopefully out of our own personal underworlds and wars, and leads us into new states of being and understanding.

While the new moon on the 4th, despite being in the typically feminine sign of Taurus, had a decidedly more masculine feel and message as reflected by the card “Ulysses and the Sirens”, this full moon could not be more feminine. The shifting and transforming power of water, the emotional heights and influence of the feminine, virgin Moon and the darker energies of Scorpio are all present in the oracle message from the nymph Daphne…

Apollo and Daphne

Photo by Meredith Everwhite, JW Waterhouse Oracle Deck by Seven Stars

Waterhouse, like most other artists who captured this famous myth of metamorphosis, depicts the dramatic moment in which Daphne, a naiad and daughter of a river god (the specific identity of which varies according to the version), is transformed into a laurel tree.

Like the lunar Artemis to whom she is devoted, Daphne is a wild huntress, a virgin, and uninterested in love or marriage. Having less to do with sexual experience, the word “virgin” originally refers to a woman simply being whole unto herself and unbeholden to any man, on any level.

Ladies (and gentlemen!), are we honoring ourselves? Are we fully loving and being true first to ourselves and our purposes, and maintaining our wholeness and autonomy? If not, now is the time, otherwise we will only sink deeper into whatever deceptive or, at best, unproductive mire has been wasting our energy and killing our true passions.

Moon Bath by Eyvind Earle

The most prevalent source and telling of the myth is in the Roman poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses, his master work which chronicles hundreds of such myths and legends throughout the history of the world, most of which bear the theme of transformation to some extent or another.

Daphne was pursued relentlessly by Apollo, enamored after being struck by a vengeful arrow of Cupid, whom he made the mistake of insulting. While Daphne was already resolved to not be swayed by the advances of any mortal or divine lover, she was struck with a lead-tipped arrow, which only strengthened that resolve.

To his great dismay, the handsome, poetic sun god could make no appeal or offer that would touch the nature-loving nymph’s heart, and she fled his advances as much as she could. Finally she cried out to her father (in some versions Zeus, in other, more popular versions one of two river gods) for his help and protection, and she was instantly transformed into a beautiful laurel tree. The enthralled Apollo embraced the tree which still sounded the heartbeat of his desired bride. He declared that if he could not have her, she would be his sacred tree and her laurels would crown the victories and achievements of generals, athletes and poets. Her boughs trembled and nodded as though in consent of the honor.

Moonlit Fields by Eyvind Earle

May you never, oh, never behold me
Sharing the couch of a god.
May none of the dwellers in heaven
Draw near to me ever.
Such love as the high gods know,
From whose eyes none can hide,
May that never be mine.
To war with a god-lover is not war,
It is despair.

Edith Hamilton, “Mythology”

Just as water is never truly completely still – as it is always moving, flowing, carving, flooding, rising, falling, freezing and melting – neither are our lives or anything contained therein. All is in a constant state of flux, even if imperceptibly so, and this may the one thing we can certainly always rely on while in this mortal realm. Change will always come. Sometimes it won’t be what we thought we wanted or expected, but there is always a reason for it.

Some changes are forced upon us and these are often those that we fight and resent the most. On that same token, those are the changes that are often the most direly needed. Daphne had no interest in taking or being a lover of any kind. The sanctity of her Moon goddess, the passionate pursuits of the hunt, the wild woods through which she ran with abandon were all that she desired. But she could not help or control the advances of Apollo – someone not meant for her who yet ruthlessly pursued her and forced her to cry out for protection and to be transformed into a tree of the sacred woods she so loved. She became a part of what she worshipped and, in a way, there was clearly an inevitability to this metamorphosis which made her even more a part of nature.

Nude by Eyvind Earle

What have you been running from? What hasn’t been good for your or your development that you have been trying to change or escape? What has been a part of your life up until now that has been hurting you, holding you back, misguiding you or distracting you? Now is the time to be free! Now is the time to either suddenly, unexpectedly become or gain what you have sought (or what your soul needs regardless of whether you have consciously sought or desired it) or to experience the final steps of a change you have been slowly going through.

This full moon, and the shapeshifting naiad Daphne tell us to stop calling fear to ourselves, but to call out for the help that we need. She teaches us to trust in the spirits and powers that are invisibly supporting and guiding our lives, and to embrace the change that we so desperately need, even – or especially – if we simply can’t see the end or the reasons behind those changes. Faith, not fear! Let go and flow with the wise waters of life that know exactly what you need, even if you don’t.

© 2019 Meredith Everwhite – All Rights Reserved

Featured Image: A Siren In Full Moonlight by Paul Delvaux

Here is another very helpful astrological/lunar resource and guidance from my favorite astrologer, Pam Gregory. Pam does very informative videos twice a month, each one focusing on the new or full moon. I highly recommend following her!

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