2019 Gemini New Moon Oracle

The new moon at 12° Gemini occurred today at 6:03 a.m. EDT. If you follow this blog, you may or may not notice that I am technically a couple of days late with this post than I usually am with the full/new moon water oracle readings.

I just so happened to finally move out of a pretty tough and temporary situation and into my new home, two days before the new moon in my Ascendant, and so have struggled to get this out as quickly as I would have liked, doing the reading yesterday amid a veritable mountain of boxes still waiting to be unpacked! While the distractions and exhaustion have been abundant, it still felt especially important to do this reading and post for a very potent and relevant new moon for me that I’m sure might mark a big turning point for many others right now too.

Water is the element of emotion and literal water, emotions and the symbolism (and infinite complexities) of both are strongly represented in this New Moon’s oracle message of that element – Tristan and Isolde with the potion.

Tristan and Isolde with the potion by John William Waterhouse c. 1916

The first key word that came to me this time was simply fate, though not exactly the romanticized fate between two lovers. This is about fate that is both in and out of our control; that is directly connected to our choices and yet unfolds as it will almost regardless of our specific choices. Somewhat paradoxical? Perhaps. Therein lies just one of many complexities and mysteries inherent to both the element and the facet of our existence that we depend on and that control us.

It’s interesting that this is the card that came up not only for a new moon – a new beginning – but a new moon in the sign of duality: Gemini. I would almost say partnership, but that falls more to Libra. Gemini can also represent partnerships but of a different and, in most cases, a much closer kind; the partnership between two who are so closely bound or who are so much alike that they are as one. Yet this also shows us the duality within ourselves as individuals. We all have a relationship with ourselves and we all also have, to some extent, a dual nature. For one, we all bear traits and qualities that are both male and female, even physically in the form of hormones that fluctuate in both genders.

The whole theme behind Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is that we all have two natures that are in constant conflict. But what if we could peacefully resolve that conflict and balance and synthesize our dual natures? Our yin and yang, dark and light, male and female, etc., equally loving both and all parts of ourselves to become one harmonized yet complex whole?

Two Wild Horses by Eyvind Earle 1998

While the scene depicted in this card is a pivotal moment in the pre-Arthurian tragedy of Tristan and Isolde, I feel it is more the imagery itself, somewhat independent of the story behind it, that bears the message. It reminds me very much of Tarot’s Two of Cups, so much so that for the first time ever I wonder if perhaps this story, this very moment, might have at least partially inspired that card and its symbolism.  

Some relevant keywords and phrases for the Two of Cups are sharing, truce, connection, marriage or union, declaring peace, forgiving, a bond, acceptance, positive response and agreement. All these can equally appropriately be applied to at least the image of this card and its message for this new moon that moves us from the rebirth of spring and towards the start of a bright and thriving summer.

artist: Pamela Colman Smith

This new moon calls us to ask ourselves, How can I truly love and honor all parts of myself? What can I do to forgive and accept all parts of myself that make me who I am?

We live in an age where there is still a ridiculous amount of pressure to live up to someone else’s ideal, whether it’s a partner, a parent, a teacher, coach or teammates, bosses or coworkers, or popular culture and society at large. I can promise you that the more you try to mold yourself to what others want or expect, and the more you try to play up what you perceive as qualities while hiding, denying, and even lying about your weaknesses, the unhappier you will be, the more fragmented and false you will be.

Looking back over the oracle messages from the element of water for this year so far, on each full and new moon, there seems to be at least one recurring, underlying theme and message that has to do with being true to yourself, healing and loving yourself, letting go of what or who is holding you back and reclaiming one’s power and personal truths.

I think it is specifically because we are all living through a time fraught with more superficiality and fabrication than ever that it is becoming more and more important for us all to learn how to go within and listen, to trust and love ourselves and to begin with ourselves in any way that is needed before we can move outward and have healthy, genuine connections with others.

© 2019 Meredith Everwhite – All Rights Reserved

Featured image: “Gemini” by Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis 1907

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