The Spring of the Mystic: Pisces New Moon

Though at the end of the zodiac, Pisces, and in particular this new moon in Pisces, is a beautiful, magical sign for new beginnings and for really beginning a new year. I personally put no stock (beyond what I have to in order to interact with the rest of the world that does) in the man-made Gregorian calendar; the year starting with spring and ending with the end of winter makes much more sense to me. After all this is when a new solar cycle begins and when everything comes back to life and starts afresh, so when else should the beginning of the year be?

For more than a year now I’ve been following sidereal astrology instead of tropical. Sidereal astrology is a much older system and, more than that, it is literal and accurate and based on where the constellations and other objects really are, as opposed to figuratively in the dated tropical system which does not account for the very important and ever shifting precession of the equinoxes. The spring equinox has not actually occurred in Aries for quite a while, and now occurs in Pisces.

In the tropical system, I am an Aries. But the Sun was not actually sitting in the sign of Aries when I was born, it was in the vast constellation of Pisces. The signs are all different sizes, not each an even 30º as designated in the tropical system. Being the Oracle of Water, obsessed with mermaids and the ocean, and adoring and revering the element of water, I was delighted and unsurprised to find that I am actually a Pisces.

“Fishblood” by Gustav Klimt 1898

This past year has been as hard for me as almost anyone else affected by the pandemic. I have had fears and challenges and experienced impacts on my life on a larger, collective scale, and I have had my own unique personal challenges and changes. Maintaining this blog and being as steeped in my spiritual and magical practice as I used to be are things that have taken a hit, but into which I am now happily re-immersing myself. I have learned a lot of new things, gained new insights and perspectives, and have otherwise had various motives and passions reignited.

The Sun has just entered my birth sign of Pisces as spring begins to burst forth and it feels wonderful. In my area, I have been hearing frogs singing again, hyacinths and daffodils are in full bloom, and now fruiting trees are starting to blossom as well. It’s all so beautiful and inspiring.

Not only is the Sun in early Pisces, but it is conjunct with Neptune, which has now dipped into its own native waters. There is a wonderful illuminated, growing energy in the realms of spirituality, magic and mysticism and I am thrilled to be tapping back into it. I need it very much at this time in my life and I am sure others do too.

That being said, here are some thoughts and recommendations for the upcoming new moon in Pisces on the 13th, though the dark, seed planting energy and power of the new moon is already all around us.

One of my favorite books on the subject of my favorite element, water, is perfect reading for not only this new moon, but for the whole long month of mystical Pisces which has just begun and lasts until April 20th.

As you maybe seek to tune in to your intuition and deepen your spiritual practice with this watery new moon, I’d love to recommend the book “Sacred Water: The Spiritual Source of Life” by Nathaniel Altman.

This book approaches the element of water from a spiritual perspective and examines all the different traditions that have unanimously held water to be sacred. Altman gathers information from various sciences and sources including anthropology and astronomy, myths and legends and more to demonstrate the different roles and influences water has had in spirituality and lore throughout human history.

Water becomes sacred when we recognize its powers: as a sustainer of humans, animals and plants; as a means of transportation, as a vehicle for cleansing, initiation or gaining wisdom; and as a source of inspiration and enchantment. Water is perhaps humanity’s oldest symbol of life, sustenance, abundance, fertility, movement, generosity, permanence and strength. Sacred water is all around us: from the tiny drops of morning dew on a spider’s web to the thundering cascade of a tropical waterfall, in the salty tears that we shed, and in the summer rain that we embrace.

– excerpt from the introduction

In the chapter “Enchantment”, Mr. Altman writes about the beauty and connective and restorative powers of ritual baths and meditating with or near water. One can just as easily do a ritual shower though, and I personally find great comfort and communion in ritualizing my shower every day, it’s not something I only do occasionally. In fact my entire morning ritual focuses on a few steps, only one of which is my actual shower.

Making a shower more of a ritual can be as simple as saying a short prayer or singing the same watery song each time, or as complicated as making moon water with specific intentions and pouring it over your head and/or body. You could also invite in more Pisces energy by placing relevant (and water-safe) crystals in your shower such as amethyst and moonstone, and use essential oils like rose absolute (my all-time favorite, roses being filled with spirituality, healing, health and enchantment), geranium (a good alternative to rose if you aren’t prepared to spend up to $50) and lavender.

“New Moon” by Alex Colville 1980

Spending time around water in nature is also an obvious but wonderful and most effective way to tune in to your intuition and to all the healing and cleansing powers of water and the sign of Pisces. Water speaks and sings and it isn’t hard to listen and to hear your own personal message from the ubiquitous element that is in constant flow within and all around us. If you are fortunate enough to be anywhere near any natural body of water, I recommended spending as much time as you can over the next several weeks walking by their banks or shores. Try to take the time to sit and listen to the water and imagine all your pains and worries drifting away on the waves, pouring over rocks or cascading down a waterfall. Even a rainy day is great, natural way to commune with water and lose yourself in the innate, natural mysticism that most people often take for granted in their modern, concrete cities.

Read the Pisces New Moon oracle message here

featured image: “Pisces” by Man Ray, 1938

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