2018 Samhain New Moon Oracle of the Waters

October 31st may be Halloween, but it is not Samhain. It is but an arbitrary date and day like any other in a modern, man-contrived and Vatican-imposed calendar. The cross-quarter days – the days halfway between the Solstices and Equinoxes – astronomically and astrologically occur at 15° of the sign of the season. Tomorrow, November 7, is when the real Samhain energy wells and flows, and when the floodgates between this world and the Other are truly open.

Water is the element that has all dominion over this powerful time. On this true Samhain day, the Sun reaches 15° of Scorpio and is joined by the Moon; the invisible, submerged New Moon. It is also Jupiter’s final moment at the critical degree of Scorpio before moving into its second home of Sagittarius.

The Moon forms a favorable, creative trine to Neptune, that supreme ocean lord whose power is currently enhanced by retrograde motion his own home, shared with Jupiter, of Pisces. This Moon also creates opportunities being sextile to the chthonic water-dweller, and younger ruler of Scorpio, Pluto.

Water is my path and my deity. My way is the flow of the Daughter River to the Mother Sea, where the sweet, fresh waters that quench us mingle with the salty womb that bore us; the way of the falling rain, the fleeting morning dew and mists. I listen to the Water and I speak for Her.

This Samhain’s message and lesson comes from both the sweet waters and the salted.

The energy and power of Water reaches its darkest, deepest fathoms in the fixed water sign, the sign of upheaval and transformation, secrecy, deception and death. The salt of the benthic womb of She who is both Mother and Destroyer – Tiamat, Thalassa, Yemaya, Ran – gathers into eerie brine pools at the bottom of the oceans, into the most intense concentration of that essential substance.

These dense pools are like submerged salt lakes, existing at the edge of comprehension where underwater shores form one of the most mind-bending between spaces on Earth.



Life at brine pool, image courtesy of the EV Nautilus

It is from this realm that the first message comes, from the primeval matrix best represented by the dragon goddess and coiled serpent, Tiamat, the Sea Herself.

In the somewhat Lovecraftian, so-named Grimoire of Tiamat, Asenath Masen states that “…the salty waters of seas and oceans can hardly be considered a nourishing substance. They do not quench the thirst of living beings and they do not make the crops grow. The waters of Tiamat are dissolving, corroding, poisonous and deadly.”

While an understandable point in context, to an extent, this is not altogether true. There are some living things that do not have thirst to quench. There are some living things that are indeed nourished by the deep salt of the sea. The waters of Tiamat are not poisonous and deadly to everything.

Much life is to be found at the sweltering mouths of hydrothermal vents, as well as at the shores of the staggeringly saline brine pools, even though they can be toxic to some marine animals. These few creatures to whom they are not toxic, however, exist and are called extremophiles. It is from these submarine shores and these extreme creatures that we receive a powerful message…

You are all living in extreme times. Many of you are living in extreme conditions, be they literal, physical surroundings and circumstances, or intense, extreme emotional states. These are likely the most burdensome and noxious emotions that are running highest and burning you out – fear, anger, hatred, depression, anxiety, regret, sorrow, loneliness, and all manner of loss that is the result of unwanted change.

But not all that is corroded and dissolved by change need be mourned or missed. There is much to be learned and to be gained from extreme states. Some of you will be poisoned and defeated by them and others will grow through them.

You must learn to adapt and to navigate the harshest conditions with confidence and self-control. Be present in all that you are experiencing and feeling, and find the balance between embracing and understanding those feelings – even the most painful and uncomfortable ones – and thriving in spite of them. Or because of them.

Rise above and beyond what you think simple society or any pretender is expecting of you. Look at yourself and ask what you expect of yourself, and why, and learn to be true no matter who may end up judging or shunning you. Know that those who do so are not worth your time as long as you stand in truth.

Transformation has nothing to do pleasing others, or with lowering or weakening yourself. It is for, by, through and because of the Self. Transformation is a choice, but one that may be made for you if you don’t find that balance.


The Depths of the Sea by Sir Edward Burne-Jones


But there is a light overhead. There is peace and passionate renewal to be found after enduring and rising above the turmoil. In the second part of the message, the fresh rivers, lakes and the falling autumn rains ask us to then surrender, to simply…

Rise up.
Let go.

You have been like the monkey who got his open, slender hand into the narrow trap but will not release the petty prize in his closed fist which is now too large to let him escape. It is time to release your death grip on all that is trapping you in your pain, your sorrow, your anger, your illusion, your delusion. Give up the game. Relax and let go.

Sometimes your best laid plans and intentions are simply not meant to be. It is time to drift with the currents of life and trust that the cosmic rivers will carry you to safer, sweeter shores.

Perhaps you have been obsessing over everyone else and what they are doing. You may be worrying about everyone but yourself. You cannot control them. You can only control yourself, your reactions and your choices.

Soon you will heal and you will dwell by the waters of life that glisten in the Sun, no longer toiling or sorrowing deep in the stinging, extreme crucibles of Fire and Water that are forming you into the diamond you are meant to become.


“The Kelpie” by Herbert James Draper

May you bravely dive down deep into the sea of transformation during this Samhain time, and in so doing rise up and connect to your higher self and the higher truths that are ever reflected in and carried by the primordial, cosmic waters that flow all around us here on Earth.


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Transformation: Scorpio New Moon Oracle

scorpio-1907.jpg!HalfHD Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis

“Scorpio” by Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis 1907

Tomorrow’s New Moon will occur in Scorpio at 6:42 a.m. EST.

Scorpio is probably the most famous and yet infamous sign of the zodiac, one that even the astrologically unaware seem to know and have some opinion about. I have a coworker who is very intelligent and (as usually follows) somewhat jaded, has a pithy, dry sense of humor and can be prickly in ways, but is quite likeable. I asked him recently when his birthday is, and, at the time, it had just passed. I said, “Oh, so you’re a Scorpio!” to which he knowingly replied “Yep…nothin’ but trouble!”

While this man probably knows little about astrology over all, he certainly knows enough about himself and the sign of Scorpio to believe in it and to understand what it says about his nature.

When your average person hears “Gemini”, they probably don’t immediately think of the Twins. When they think of Aries or Capricorn, they may not know or easily recognize that they are the Ram and the Goat, respectively. However, when you hear “Scorpio”, there is no room for doubt about what it is.

R. I. Pocock (1894) Scorpions of the Malay Archipelago

from “Scorpions of the Malay Archipelago” by R.I. Pocock 1894

The scorpion is a dark, frightening, secretive and deadly creature. So, there is an inherent fear attached to this sign and much of what it represents. Scorpio is a sign filled with contradictions, reflecting both the best and the worst of human nature. So, while there is fear, there is also an understandable fascination.

Scorpio’s element is Water and it is ruled by both Mars and Pluto. Mars was the traditional ruler of the sign before Pluto was discovered in 1930. Both of these planets are appropriate rulers for the brooding, powerful sign, though Pluto especially so – Pluto (Hades in Greek) is the distant, mysterious god of death and the Underworld.

scorpio glyph

Another very fitting symbol for Scorpio is the mermaid, as Gail Wood suggests in her book “Sisters of the Dark Moon: 13 Rituals of the Dark Goddess”.

“Victorian writers and artists were fascinated and repelled by the mermaid, to see a beautiful woman from the waist up and then to see her legs and her sexuality fused together in a powerful tail; did that mean she controlled her sexual activity? The power frightened them and the idea that they had no access to her spirituality bewildered them. They wrote about her and they painted her, but they never learned her secrets. Hans Christian Andersen tried to tame her by taking away her voice or her soul…No matter how hard anyone tries, the mermaid remains a powerful symbol of watery mystery, the key to emotions, love, and sexual pleasure. Her mystery is revealed to only a few and her song often draws the unthinking into the shallows and the rocks.”



“The Mermaid” by Edvard Munch 1896


Scorpio rules the genitals and reproductive organs and, therefore, unresolved emotional issues, abuse of/addictions to sexual activity and other such repressions or difficulties will often manifest in these parts of the body. Scorpios can be very prone to venereal or urinary infections and other such ailments.

Women especially (whether Scorpio or not) may experience an array of health issues in the reproductive system because of uncontrolled or suppressed emotions, stress connected to love and relationships or unhealthy/excessive sexual practices.

The New Moon phase is a time for scrying & divining, reflecting, healing and setting new goals and intentions. It is a time of renewal and hope. If you have had any troubles with relationships, emotional and/or sexual health or have just felt lost or disconnected from the divine and your higher self, this is a perfect time to restore balance and focus on transforming negatives into positives. Indeed, almost above all else (especially in its more positive aspects), Scorpio is the sign of transformation.


“The Crystal Ball” by John William Waterhouse 1902

This also supports the idea of mermaids representing Scorpio – not only were many known mermaids from lore originally human, but mermaids have traditionally had the ability to turn themselves into completely human forms at will, much like the Celtic selkie (a similar creature that is a seal who turns into a beautiful woman when she removes her magical sealskin).

I’ve discovered that this has been commonly depicted by Russian artists especially; many of their paintings of mermaids show them visiting the surface world in human form.

mermaid.jpg!HalfHD Konstantin Vasilyev

“Mermaid” by Konstantin Vasilyev


mermaids.jpg!HalfHD 1879 Konstantin Makovsky

“Mermaids” by Konstantin Makovsky, 1879

The earliest known mermaid that we have record of is Atargatis (known as Derceto to the Greeks), the ancient Syrian mother goddess. She had a mortal lover named Hadad, but she accidentally killed him in the throes of her divine passion. She was so filled with grief and guilt that she threw herself into a sacred lake to drown. However, the waters and the fishes therein knew of her divinity and would not let her die, but instead transformed her into a half-fish, preserving her womanly beauty from the hips up.

Derceto, from Oedipus Aegyptiacus by Athanasius Kircher 1652

Derceto, from Oedipus Aegyptiacus by Athansius Kircher, 1652

Atargatis is a goddess near and dear to my heart at all times, but this particular New Moon (and whole season) is ideal to work with her for any healing or transformation, especially from the woes of love, emotions and relationships.

She understands loss and sorrow on a deeply profound, personal level and this, combined with her already-existing motherly attributes, makes her a very empathetic and comforting goddess.

She represents the new forms that can be born out of tragedy and loss and how, once we heal, we can be even more powerful and special than ever before.

Atargatis is the goddess I chose to channel for this Scorpio New Moon Oracle, and so of course I use the Oracle of the Mermaids.

The upper, human portion of a mermaid represents that which is above the surface: the mundane, corporeal and temporal world. Her tail represents that which is hidden below mystic waters: intuition, magic, the mysteries of sexuality, life and death, and the Otherworld.

So, the first card for this reading represents the human part and our tangible, day-to-day lives. The second card represents the submerged tail of our inner psyches and power, personal mysteries and Spirit.

I asked Atargatis to show what we can all learn or what needs to be worked on – in regard to those two portions – during this dark, watery, transformative time until the next new moon in bright and burning Sagittarius.

First Card – Dreams
Second Card – Imramma


from “The Oracle of the Mermaids Guidebook” by Lucy Cavendish: Mermaids cannot always reach you when you are on land…When you cannot be reached through the song of the waves, you will be reached on the waves of the sleeping brain, and in them you will be told what it is you need to let go of, what it is that fascinates and drives you, and what it is you yearn and hunger for. …When this card shows up, it is a sure sign that the mermaids are reaching out to you through the oceans of your sleep time.


from “The Oracle of the Mermaids Guidebook”: You have long divided yourself into your parts: your emotions you keep so separate from your head. On Imramma, the lines you have so cleanly divided all into will blur, and you will at times no longer know what is real or unreal. But all the while we will sing you onwards, calling you forth, so you continue to follow the journey of the soul. You will gather so much, and experience such awe, that you will feel at times you may be dreaming. But you are not.

Atargatis speaks…

You may well be surprised to see “Dreams” representing that which needs attention or can offer you lessons in your tangible, waking, everyday life…for what of your human experience is more directly linked to the hidden depths and mysteries of the soul and the subconscious mind than dreaming?

However, that is the key – to acknowledge and understand how blurred are the lines between this world and that one, and that dreams are a gateway from your mundane life to the deeper meanings and higher truths that give your life meaning. Dreams serve many purposes and, in many ways, they are just as “real” as what you experience when you are awake.

This physical world is in fact but a shadow of the real world, as attested by the Oglala Lakota hero Crazy Horse during his profound vision quest. So don’t dismiss the one third of your life that you spend submerged in the oceans of dreams, and don’t ignore or doubt the messages you can receive therein. That which seems of the other world is actually crucial to your survival in this world.

During this time of year especially are the borders between the worlds nearly invisible, so take advantage of these opportunities for learning and growth and make a point of meditating on and recording your dreams.

Immrama* are Old Irish tales of heroes taking sea journeys to the Otherworld, including the islands and challenges that must be encountered and overcome along the way, and often with no chance or plan of return. This is a deep spiritual journey that can take a lifetime, and the idea of no return refers to the permanent change that such journeys and evolutions of the soul often entail.

Now is an ideal time for such personal journeys and explorations, and you may even have certain opportunities soon to take such a voyage, whether literal or spiritual and metaphorical. Let the dreams that you experience in your physical, mundane life (the shadow world) lead you into your personal journey where you can experience the real world.

There are many who would have you believe that what is real is false and what is false is real…use your intuition to avoid these traps. Believe in that which your soul cries out to believe in and to know.

We mermaids rule these realms of dreaming, journeying and the ethereal waters of spirit and magic, and we know the truths that the material, corrupted world attempts to conceal and destroy…call upon us for strength, guidance and healing and know that you are far stronger than you believe. But it is your belief – or lack thereof – that makes all the difference in both worlds.


bather-between-light-and-darkness-1935(1).jpg!HalfHD Rene Magritte

“Bather Between Light and Darkness” by Rene Magritte 1935

*Lucy Cavendish misspells the term “Immrama” in her Oracle of the Mermaids, and also incorrectly refers to it in the singular, as when she says “…embarking on an Imramma…”, when the term is actually the plural of immram.

featured image “The Little Mermaid Dissolving into Foam” by Edmund Dulac

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Samhain Oracle of Persephone

Received on astrological Samhain, 11/7/17 at 6:45 a.m. (EST) using the Healing Light Tarot

The Healing Light Tarot draws inspiration from an ancient Celtic concept. It relates to the periods of Dusk and Dawn, where the veil between this world and the spiritual realm is at its thinnest. This is a time for visions, realisations and, above all, healing. The other main motif in this deck is the mandorla, the oval shaped portal created when two circles overlap and a symbol of the divine feminine. The mandorla is a healing gateway so I’ve placed one on each card. Where it opens, healing and wholeness can be found.” – Christopher Butler



Kore, Maiden of the Fertile Earth Above, Queen Persephone of the Dead, and Sacred Center of the Five Rivers of Hades…hear me this Samhain dawn and accept this offering of pomegranate juice. Hear the question of those who would seek your wisdom during this season of death and endings, and tell us how we may balance and integrate the above and the below; how we can learn from your story and your brave walking between the worlds of the living and the dead, achieving ultimate balance.

The Three Card Spread


“You mortals see the light of a star for eons after it has collapsed and dissolved back into the void of its origin. The light has unspeakably far to travel and yet, even after its own origin has died, still it travels…still you see it even from light years away and for many years to come.

Death, a sacrifice, is present even in one of your most comforting symbols of hope, magic and dreams coming true. But it is the truest testament of what can and does endure after death, and what can only come about because of death.

How long have you watched and mapped the stars and yearned to travel beyond the borders of your planet? How long have you gazed up in hope and placed wishes upon them? How long have you seen your ancestors’ visage in the stars, and those of gods and monsters and sought to join them all in the celestial plane?

Yet still many of you fear and even demonize the gate through which this will be achieved: death. Death who is as sacred as life, for death feeds life and all life becomes death. Do not fear or force the cycles of nature or they will force you into them in a manner not of your choosing. You cannot and will not flourish if you are ruled by fear or discord.


Fear will make you weak if you surrender too much to it. Instead you must be strong. One can feel fear and not be ruled by it, for strength and courage do not require the absence of fear. They require only that you overcome the fear and know that you are beyond it.

Know that many of the things and people you fear probably fear you more, like scurrying, distracting roaches. Or if you simply despise them, perhaps they despise you more. Too many of you are far too concerned with what the wrong people think of you and your personal truth, and this robs you of your strength.

And too many of you judge yourselves far too harshly and yet also everyone around you. This prevents you from building the foundation with yourself that you need to progress. To be rooted in strength is the only way to successfully grow.


Let this hope and this strength spur you into action. A wand is a tool of power, a conduit, a source of inspiration and illumination, a means to penetrate the mysteries of life and death. There is nothing to be learned of life or death without a spirit of adventure, a willingness to not only speak but to do, and neither falsely.

For nothing can hide in the light of cosmic truth, or even in the shadows. They may conceal temporarily, but shadows only exist because of light and both are truth.

If you lead or teach no one else, you must lead yourself and you must know that in the end you only dwell in and only have yourself. You are a lone champion in a desert of ancient mysteries, and you may only save or control or enlighten yourself.

But, like the Star – even long after it has died – you, your actions, your truth, and the path you forged, even if only you were blessed enough to tread it, will echo and ripple through time and space, melding into the energy of the One, ever cycling within the unknowable cosmic dance of all creation.”



Proserpina with a Pomegranate by Dante Gabriel Rossetti



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15° Scorpio: The Real Samhain, Part II

Still waters run deep as the life raising powers of the Sun decline, the magnetic force of the Underworld exerts a compulsive pull on the waters of life and sap falls back down to its lowest level. Life has no choice but to follow it – into the mysteries of the dark. Old forms decompose in chilly autumnal rains, whose waters of death enable the decay that releases essential elements into the cauldron of rebirth, creating the compost that will nourish next year’s growth. Life is fed by death.

from the Astrocal 2017 Moon Diary


water skulls graphic

© M. Everwhite 2017


Exactly five hours after the Sun reaches 15° Scorpio, and almost an hour after the waning Moon enters Cancer, Venus completes this year’s watery Samhain trio when she enters Scorpio. This feminine, mysterious transit echoes Persephone’s annual descent into the Underworld, where she resides with her husband Hades for a third of the year.


Persephone (Latin: Proserpina) was also titled Kore or Cora, meaning “the Maiden”, and was the daughter of the harvest goddess Demeter and Zeus. She is a death aspect of the Triple Moon-goddess along with Hera, Circe and Hecate, and thus has long been an important goddess to witches. She is also one of the original chthonic deities.

The term “chthonic” (THON-ik) means “of or relating to the underworld”, literally “underground” in Greek, and particularly applies to the death gods and goddesses of Greek religion. Persephone is one of many Life-Death-Life deities who embody the cycles of death and rebirth and bear multiple complicated aspects.

cemetery-among-the-cypress-1897 Vasily Polenov

“Cemetery Among the Cypress” Vasily Polenov 1897

There is a duality to Persephone’s nature, however, as an agricultural and spring-time goddess through her mother, Demeter, and as a chthonic goddess due to her marriage to Hades, who abducted her into his realm. Demeter, distraught and enraged over this, seized the land in a wintry grip and refused to let any crops grow until she was reunited with her daughter.

Though Hades eventually gave in to Zeus’ demands that he return Persephone, he had already tricked her into eating several pomegranate seeds; once one has consumed any food or drink in the underworld, they are obliged to remain forever.

However, even the Lord of Death never was completely unreasonable, nor “evil” (though understandably feared and considerably taboo), and therefore a compromise was reached in the form of Persephone dwelling for a third of the year in the underworld with Hades, and the rest of the year above with her mother, when the earth would be warm and abundant again.

Hades 16th century artist unknown

“Hades” 16th century, artist unknown

The Sabian symbol for the 15th degree of Scorpio (where the Sun will be shortly after midnight, officially marking Samhain) is…

“Children playing around five mounds of sand”

This immediately made me think of children playing up above in the realm of the living on Halloween night, the five mounds of sand mirroring the five churning rivers below, in the realm of the dead. Perhaps the five mounds of sand are even at the beach, where Venus (or Aphrodite) was born out of the waves on a scallop shell, as Venus now joins the illuminating Sun in dark Scorpio.

Venus and Persephone are feminine beauty, youth, agelessness, divinity, sensuality and fertility. The juxtaposition of these qualities to death and decay may seem counter-intuitive, but it only more fully serves to demonstrate and even personify the inherent duality and cyclical nature of life and death, and that death feeds life. There is beauty in life and in death, beauty in rest and decomposition of that which has been, and the beauty of the hope and potential of the fertile seed that has yet to blossom.

venus-verticordia-1868.jpg!HalfHD Dante Gabriel Rosetti

“Venus Verticordia” by Dante Gabriel Rosetti 1868

The Norse goddess Freya is often compared to Venus/Aphrodite, being a goddess of love, beauty, sexuality and having great magical and psychic abilities, but she also has a considerable dark side, journeying between realms, including the underworld, and claiming half of those slain in battle.

Death, the underworld and the autumn season in general are already commonly associated with the Classical element and energy of Water; the Greek Underworld itself contains five converging rivers, including the famous Styx (who is also a goddess) which is the border between the land of the living and the land of the dead.

dream-of-a-memory Sabin Balasa

“Dream of a Memory” by Sabin Balasa

There are many death deities that are also specifically associated with Water, even dwelling in physical water. Sedna is one of the most prominent of such deities, being the Inuit goddess of the sea and Queen of the Underworld, Adlivun.

(Read more about Sedna here)

Sedna also offers an appropriate lesson to reflect on for this time of year, as illustrated in “Women Who Run With the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. She parallels her tale describing the archetypal “Skeleton Woman” aspect of all women, to Sedna…

“In the opening motif – that of a woman lying under the ocean – Skeleton Woman is similar to Sedna, a Life/Death/Life figure from Inuit mythology. Sedna is the great deformed creation goddess who lives in the Inuit underworld.

Like the father in the fairy tale “The Handless Maiden,” Sedna’s father chopped off her hands. Her fingers and limbs sank to the bottom of the sea, where they became fish* and seals and other life forms that sustained the Inuit ever after.

What was left of Sedna sank to the bottom of the sea. There she became all bones and long, long hair. In the Inuit rite, earthbound shamans swim down to her, bringing peace-food…
The shamans comb her long, long hair while singing to her, begging her to heal the soul or body of a person above…

A part of every woman and every man resists knowing that in all love relationships Death must have her share. We pretend we can love without our illusions about love dying, pretend we can go on without our superficial expectations dying, pretend we can progress and that our favorite flushes and rushes will never die.
But in love, psychically, everything becomes picked apart, everything. The ego does not want it to be so. Yet it is how it is meant to be, and the person of a deep and wildish nature is undeniably drawn to the task.”

* – while Estés suggests that fishes are among the creatures which were born from Sedna’s severed limbs, traditionally (and logically) it is only marine mammals (warm-blooded, like Sedna) that were considered to have come from her.

Coming tomorrow, Nov. 7 – special Samhain Oracle Reading channeling Persephone and using Christopher Butler’s new Healing Light Tarot

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featured image: “Proserpine” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1874

Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

15º Scorpio: The Real Samhain, Part I


Did you not get your fill of the Halloween spirit by the 31st? Were you not able to celebrate, visit a graveyard or do any ritual or meditating at all? Well you’re in luck because, astrologically speaking, the real Samhain (SOW-in or sah-VEEN) is never actually on the man-made calendar day of October 31st, but is in fact on November 7th this year. When the Sun reaches the 15th degree of Scorpio is when the true cross quarter holiday technically occurs.

This will be an especially watery and potent Samhain, as Venus will join the Sun in Scorpio and the waning Moon will be entering Cancer that morning. This could not be more appropriate or promising for the festival of Samhain; autumn, death, transformation, magic, feminine mysteries, the underworld and water are all intrinsically linked to one another. Together, they are also the essences of the energy of Scorpio.

F14.v._Constellation_of_Serpentius_on_Scorpio_-_NLW_MS_735C from National Library of Wales c. 1000 CE

Constellation Serpentius on Scorpio, from the oldest astronomical text in the National Library of Wales, written c. 1000 CE

I have been distinctly feeling the veil thin ever since Mabon in August, and I have felt more energy and even more thinning in just the past few days since Halloween and leading up to today’s full moon. The last two or three nights were heavy and strange and filled with restless, broken sleep. It will be on the 7th, with the Sun at the center of Scorpio and two other powerful, personal bodies moving into water, that the veil will be its thinnest this season.

Samhain’s Waning Moon in Cancer



The Moon will be at home in the sign in rules this Samhain, which makes its influence especially strong. The waning phase is ideal for culling, resting, healing and planning.

The Sabian symbol for the first degree of Cancer (which the Moon will have just entered by 6 a.m. EST on the 7th) is…

On A Ship The Sailors Lower An Old Flag And Raise A New Onepirate+ship+vintage+image+graphicsfairy005d

I can hardly think of a more fitting image for the watery day of death and remembrance, of allowing the old to fall and decay back into the dust from whence it came so that the new and fresh may grow from the nourishing ashes. Everything cycles and must renew itself and Samhain, the third and final harvest festival on the wheel of the year, is a time to learn and celebrate how life perpetuates itself, and what sacrifices are involved.

A prominent symbol of an animal also connected with Scorpio and its energy is the Ouroboros.

The circular snake was sometimes shown with a half-light and half-dark body, alluding to the opposing principles of creation depicted in the yin-yang symbol of the Chinese Tao, which is yet another classic symbol of the One Thing”. – Dennis William Hauck, “The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for Personal Transformation”



© 2017 M. Everwhite


As Cancer primarily governs the home and family life, and since our homes are the very hub and center of our lives, this might be a particularly beneficial area to focus on balancing, clearing out, blessing, beautifying and preparing for the colder months ahead.

While we don’t really have to worry about the more extreme threats and demands of winter as many of our ancestors did, it’s still important to prepare for the seasonal shift mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

kitchen witch page

save or print this homey frame to record a recipe, kitchen spell or blessing

Creating sacred space in the home, whether for a ritual to honor and channel ancestors or just to create more loving and healing vibes, can be a powerful buffer against the other demands of winter we as modern humans do still face – financial burdens, the unfortunate busy-ness and commercialism of the holidays, manic shoppers, icy roads, broken heaters and thwarted plans to visit loved ones.

A great way to do this is to create a water-themed Samhain altar where you can place images and tokens of ancestors and other relevant spirits, give offerings to any underworld deities you may work with or wish to connect with, meditate on water, death and transformation or, again, simply welcome in the energies and vibrations of the cool, quieting and decaying season.


 Photo by M. Everwhite © 2017

For example, here is the altar I created on the day of the full moon. There are several seashells (most of them black, an obvious color of Scorpio and the season, and which means they are especially old and spent unknown ages in sulfur deposits), the Death card from the Celtic Tarot, a young buck skull I found in the woods where my husband and I would later be hand-fasted, a contrasting onyx egg to represent rebirth, images of deceased relatives and others ancestors, gourds, guinea feathers and a couple favorites from my porcelain pumpkin collection.


Here is an incantation you can recite at your altar or anywhere and anytime you want to connect with your ancestors this season, taken from Charlie Rainbow Wolf’s “Samhain Ritual to Appease the Spirits”, featured in Llewellyn’s 2018 Sabbats Almanac

I summon those beyond the veil
To hear my prayer, I shall not fail
To speak to helpers far and wide
To thank the spirits at my side
To know with you my life is blessed
When I’m awake and when I rest
My sacred smoke, I now send high
My words to carry through the sky
And summon those beyond the veil
To hear my prayer, I shall not fail.


Coming Up in 15° Scorpio: The Real Samhain, Part II…

– Venus in Scorpio
– Persephone and journeys to the Underworld
– Watery chthonic deities

and saving the best for last (and possibly as its own post), a Samhain Oracle reading featuring the new  Healing Light Tarot by Christopher Butler


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