The Mermaid Goddesses

Meet the Mermaid Goddesses

Here are four recorded, mythological and even historical mermaids with incredible stories and sufferings that all people, but especially women, can relate to and from whom healing and empowerment can be found.

The first three in particular come together as a wonderful, watery version of the Triple Goddess – the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone – a revived concept that was common to the ancients and is now well known and beloved in much new Paganism and witchcraft.

To each I assign not only an aspect of the Triple goddess, but also a direction (Sedna makes four for use of the directions and may also be interchanged with Atargatis as the Crone), an element and other relevant symbols based on their various corresponding energies.

Note: As is almost always the case with all folklore and mythology, and even history, there are at least a few different versions of the following stories, though most variations are only fairly minor details. I have endeavored to present the most comprehensible and concise versions of their stories, bringing together as many of the most consistent facts and aspects as I have found. I include relevant links and references but leave it to you and your leisure to further research these legendary mermaids and their origins. Their introductions here have been condensed and paraphrased from my own journey, so far, of research and study. My suggested correspondences, associations, symbols and ways to commune with them are the result of that research as well as my own meditations, reflections and other personal experience.

Li Ban, the Maiden – The mermaid of Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland, who was descended from the Tuatha De Danaan and teaches lessons of patience, perseverance and identity.

Mélusine, the Mother – No stranger to betrayal, this royal, fiery serpent-mermaid of French, Germanic and English lore cautions against uncontrolled anger and broken vows.

Atargatis, the Crone – The most ancient known mermaid and multi-cultural, supreme mother goddess who promises that there is life and renewal after the most painful loss and deepest grief.

Sedna, the North (and another Crone) – The Inuit mother of all marine mammals is not for the faint-hearted. She shares much in common with the other mermaid goddesses, yet she is also unique among them. Come to her for the deepest connection to nature.

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