The Temple of Water

Water becomes sacred when we recognize its powers: as a sustainer of humans, animals and plants; as a means of transportation; as a vehicle for cleansing, initiation, or gaining wisdom; and as a source of inspiration and enchantment. Water is perhaps humanity’s oldest symbol of life, sustenance, abundance, fertility, movement, generosity, permanence and strength. Sacred water is all around us: from the tiny drops of morning dew on a spider’s web to the thundering cascade of a tropical waterfall, in the salty tears that we shed, and in the summer rain that we embrace.” – Nathaniel Altman, “Sacred Water”


Welcome to the Temple of Water, where the Oracle honors and teaches about the matron goddesses of water and the sea. This is my personal pantheon of water spirituality as it has naturally appeared to me and developed within my practice over time.

While there are myriad deities and spirits of water and the ocean to learn about and connect to, I find this specific grouping and how they interact with each other to be particularly effective, enlightening and comforting. Hopefully it can at least provide you with a good foundation for learning the magic and spirituality of water and strengthening your connection to the salty womb of our origin on this planet.

emptying-bosoms-1600 william heath robinson enhanced
Emptying Bosoms by William Heath Robinson

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The embodiment of the sea in ancient Sumeria, Assyria and Babylon, Tiamat is the Primordial Mother of All. Her salty waters churned with the fresh waters of her husband, Apsu, and together they created all other gods and all life. Come to her shrine to learn of the beginnings, of the life and light born out of chaos and darkness.

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Three legendary mermaids from three different cultures come together to perfectly reflect the Triple Goddess principle. Visit this shrine to read an introduction to Mermaids, their energy and lore, and my experience with them, and then visit the individual mermaid goddess pages to learn their unique stories and how they all fit together in a familiar representation of the ultimate divine feminine.


A visit to the bottom of the Arctic is not for the faint of heart. Visit the shrine of Sedna, Inuit goddess of the sea and mother of marine mammals, to learn her tragic story and what you can do to help our endangered aquatic cousins and their sacred habitat.

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Your path to a deeper understanding and appreciation of water can begin with this relaxing meditation to help you learn what message this sacred element holds for you.

psamathe frederic leighton
Psamathe by Frederic Leighton, c. 1880

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