About the Oracle

My name is Meredith, which, very appropriately, means “protector of the sea” in Welsh. I am an eclectic pagan, a lifelong occult student and a worshiper of nature and the elements. I currently live in North Carolina with my husband and our pets, a spritely cat named Naia and a shy ball python named Waylon Slithers.

The creation of this site has been inspired by my own love and fascination of water and all things related, particularly in my personal spiritual and magical practice. The goal of The Oracle of Water is to share, teach and explore all things watery and magical – divination, the healing (and devastating) power of water, myths of the sea and water spirits & deities, and use of water in magic and ritual.

Additionally, my goal here is to raise awareness about water in a more tangible and temporal sense, i.e. respect and preservation of fresh water sources and our oceans

Find my other (currently mostly inactive) blog, “Eclectic Elementals” on PaganSquare, the online Pagan community and blog site by Witches&Pagans magazine, where I discuss all the classical elements and connecting to them to create a unique, personal spiritual path and magical practice.

small ammonites rock

Unless otherwise noted (my own photos, images used with permission, etc.) all the artwork throughout this site is in the public domain. I will try to include titles, artists’ names and dates in captions wherever possible, but if you would like to know more about a particular image don’t hesitate to reach me through the contact form.

Thanks to jwwaterhouse.com for the images of Waterhouse’s paintings on the main pages. Thanks also to The Graphics Fairy, Art Passions Fairy Tales, Old Book Illustrations, WikiArt and the Public Domain Review for various images.

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